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A tree configuring itself… ascending in a spiraling embrace around a large boulder.  It is an image at once triumphant and secure, simultaneously firmly rooted and life affirming.  Situated in the center of the octagonal space it can be viewed from all angles and from each angle the image/object reinforces itself. 

The upward spiraling momentum of the tree is very energetic and infused with a sense of aspiration that will undoubtedly inspire viewers with similar associations.  The image is iconic within the art historical context of Canada.  One thinks for example of the works of, Lauren Harris, AJ Jackson, Emily Carr or Patterson Ewen. 


Arboreal Gesture is fabricated in bronze with the boulder also made of bronze.

Arboreal Gesture is accompanied by two wall-mounted photo works.  One of the photographs depicts a close up image of a natural stone formation. The other a close up image of moss covered stone. The images reinforce a sense of timelessness and history. 


Together these works evoke the natural world and invoke the possibility of reverie, an invitation to contemplate.

The work was commissioned by RBC for their Toronto, Canada, executive offices.

Photo credit: Michael Cullen

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