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Each image is composed entirely of the name of the tree represented in the work.  The larger drawings are comprised of up to 60,000 repetitions of the tree’s name.  During the production of an image the tree name is spoken aloud.  Each piece, in effect, becomes a tone poem echoing the name of the tree over and over many thousands of times.

The production of each image becomes a personal performance an incantation that gives strength and support to the trees.


Hawthorne, detail
Hawthorne, detail
Juniper, detail
Southern Beech
Southern Beech, detail
Utah Juniper
Utah Juniper, detail
Monterey Cypress
Monterey Cypress,detail
Torrey Pine
Torrey Pine, detail
Eastern White Pine
Eastern White Pine, detail
Jeffrey Pine
Jeffrey Pine, detail
Onenta (Mohawk, cedar)
Onenta, detail
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