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Confessions of a Dendrophiliac, features more than 100 ink drawings on wooden panels, of trees of North America. These tiny, almost anatomical silhouettes are united and defined by their native regions: the Carolinian Forest, the Conifers of Canada, and the Taiga Zone.  


The series entitled ‘Seed Trees’, was inspired by Emily Carr’s painting “Scorned as Timber, Beloved of Sky.”  It features the lone trees left behind in clear-cut forests to rejuvenate the environment that once was.  These looming sentinels with foliage crowns are otherwise bare, having grown crowded together with no sunlight to filter down to lower branches. Now they stand alone, in remembrance.


Through his work Reinhard has presented us with not just pictures, but portraits of trees, each drawing delicate, graceful, and intimate. 

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