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Island, River, Sentinels, was commissioned by Adrienne Clarkson, former Governor General of Canada.  It is located in the Ambassador’s Court Garden at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, Canada.

The project takes its primary inspiration from the nearby islands of the Ottawa River.  These windswept limestone forms protrude from the flow around them as if formed solely by the current itself.  They are also often supporting clustered or isolated, wind-sculpted conifers.  Water passes up through the boulder and cascades over it onto the glacial till zone below.  A second source for the project refers to the old growth forest clinging to the sides of the river’s cliffs.  In addition to acknowledging its natural sources, the work also pays tribute to these sources as it affirms its cultural links to Canadian art historical precedents.  Island, River, Sentinels, is a three dimensional iconic work that is clearly related to the works of Canadian artists such as, Lauren Harris, Tom Tompson, Emily Carr and Patterson Ewen.

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