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An eclectic combination of Gary Nickard’s and Reinhard Reitzenstein’s photographs and sculptures placed in conjunction with an array of found and borrowed objects and antique scientific instrumentation borrowed from the collection of physicist Thomas Greenslade Jr., (Kenyon College professor emeritus) and a selection of artifacts from the Olin Library’s special collections, all arranged in accordance with what seems to be a complete absence of organizational logic.


Wunderkammern – collections of a wide array of disparate artifacts and curiosities that were housed in special rooms or cabinets during the 16th and 17th Centuries – Nickard and Reitzenstein are intent upon constructing a situation where the sense of wonder itself will provide the connective tissue between a diverse and otherwise discordant cluster of objects. Historical collections of this nature avoided any pretense to rigid taxonomy and instead let the free play of imaginative associations guide the viewer’s understanding.  



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