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Shed was built at the Tree Museum in the summer of 2001.  The Tree Museum is located on two hundred acres of land near Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.  It is sponsored by Mentor College and funded by federal and provincial arts funding grants.  Artists are invited by the curators to propose projects that are site and/or context specific.


I chose to construct a small cabin using on site poplar that surround the cabin site.  I planted a young poplar and trained it to pass through one of the walls of the cabin and through the roof creating a diagonal trajectory for the tree.  The viewer is able to enter the cabin and witness the tree on the inside.  During the cutting of hundreds of discs a lot of chainsaw dust accumulated which I gathered up and spread across the floor.  The smell of the sawdust and the poplar filled the interior of the cabin.  I likened Shed to a pavilion for the Tree Museum replete with its northern handmade DIY aesthetic.

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